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There's a trick to accountability. Full Life MA Plainfield Illinois

Posted: September 17, 2019

I miss school. I just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.

There I said it.

I miss school so much.

The structure, the process, the people.

I miss the teachers.

I was blessed with some really great teachers throughout school. Particularly my Acting professors.

I had three different approaches to acting and different professors for each.


I had acting professors, voice professors, and Movement professors.

I loved all of them equally. Because all of them had a syllabus.

Something to keep track.

They changed my life, all of them.

One in particular was my Playwriting Teacher. Let's call him Tim.


Tim had a schedule. Tim made sure I turned in pages of a script. Tim made sure I was finished with a full length play three times.

Tim kept me accountable.

He set goals for me, and he checked in regularly.

It was a transaction. I paid for classes, and he kept me accountable.


Some people keep themselves accountable. (Thank God for them.)

Some people have kids that are a daily reminder to pay bills, get a better job, keep that writing deadline.

Now, I have nobody.

But when I have somebody keeping me accountable, I suddenly meet writing deadlines (for the most part.)


Now that I'm writing blogs, I have somebody keeping me accountable and keeping me on track.

But that's not the only thing.

It's on me. Not them.

That's the trick.

When they fail to keep me accountable, I feel the temptation to blame them.

But remember, every time you point your fingers, you've got three pointing back at you.

Your responsibilities are your responsibility.

You carry your bag with your gear.

You make sure you have your belt and uniform. 

You remind your parents about our parent's night out (Unless they've already said no.)

You get your school work done first thing when you get home.


When you hold yourself accountable, and you still ask somebody to keep you accountable, they will check in. And you will check in. And now both of you are better for it.

But if you don't hold up your end, you can't blame anybody else for not holding up theirs.

The world doesn't work that way.

Your parents are miracle workers for keeping you accountable for all of your appointments. Give them some congratulations. It's not so easy to keep yourself accountable, and all your kids.

Now, it's your job to be more responsible.

Because when you are responsible, and they still fail to remind you, then you can celebrate, and see that you are acting like a worthwhile human being who cleans up after him or herself! 

But when you're not responsible, then you can see you need someone to help you! (Preview for humility right there.)

So keep yourself accountable, and ask for what you need. But never blame. Never ever blame someone else for your shortcomings.

Even if it's true.

Pick yourself up, and hold yourself to a higher standard.

And then just love 'em.

Cause that's all you can do.

With Love,

Mr. Yvon Streacker, third degree black belt, certified instructor


Share this with one of your friends and ask them to keep you accountable for one thing this week.

Example: Mr. Yvon will ask Mrs. Streacker to check in at the end of the week on ten pages of a new play.

Now, you try.

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