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Martial Arts Testing, fear, anxiety and teddy bears -- Full Life MA

Posted: August 12, 2019

Testing is coming up.

That means we are going to CELEBRATE the hard work we've put in this testing cycle.

Because you have been working hard, haven't you?

Parents, you've taken time off from what you would like to be doing to bring your children here so that they can excel. You've paid for classes, you've watched, and you've encouraged them through the hard times when they wanted to quit (everybody goes through it.)

Students, you've come to classes consistently, practiced until you're sweaty, memorized the forms, and dealt with all of the instructors’ rebukes, directions, yells, smacks, crazy energy. (thankyouverymuch.)

And it's not always easy, is it?

I know. I've been to tough testings. And I couldn't have passed without a few people who believed in me.

You see, when I started it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. I had to overcome fear, doubt, anger (no. call it rage).

You might know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles...

One story (of many) I have is about a time when I overcame ANXIETY.

One testing at Master Patti Barnum’s TKD school, I had to midterm with a creative form. I was SO NERVOUS because 1) I had to test at her Homewood school instead of where I usually trained in Darien. So, strange people I didn’t know would be watching me. And 2) well, it was a creative form.

You can relate, huh?

Here's what I learned.

You only grow through anxiety and fear by walking through it.

That’s not what we instinctively want to do, right? The anxiety and fear get bigger than us…like a shadow on our wall that becomes larger than life. But if we decide to walk through and do IT anyways, it’s like shedding light on the shadow and realizing it was your stuffed teddy bear sitting on the floor all along. 

Now, that’s easier said than done, and even more so when you are younger.  How many of you parents remember a time when you were afraid, and as you got older, you wondered what all the hullaballoo was about?

Parents, you have to help your kids walk through the fear and anxiety. That’s your job. To protect, teach, rebuke, train.

You walk with them, the whole time, assuring them that it will be fine on the other side.  You tell stories of when you faced the same demons. You listen to their fear and tell them that they are normal, just like most humans. And you point them in the direction they should go, to make them their best selves.

One more thing. Even if you are afraid or anxious, you put on your game face.  Because the truth is, you are magnificent and miraculous, and only those you truly love and trust need to know you are afraid or anxious.

We are training you to be indomitable. Unshakeable.

Able to stand in a storm of negative emotion and still present yourself with confidence. Knowing there is a cloud of witnesses that have your back. Because, emotions, well, they last about 90 seconds if you don’t milk them and blow them out of proportion.  When you ride the wave of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, then all that’s left is…triumph when YOU emerge on the other side intact. That’s what happened to me. I made it through my anxious testing, and felt victorious. Take THAT, Anxiety!

So, when you come to Testing on August 15th and 17th, we wanna see your GAME FACES.

If I can do it, YOU can do it.


Your parents, Me, Mr. & Mrs. Lucero, Mr. Yvon, Ms. Amber, Mr. Krahulik, Mr. Stephen, Ms. Adithi, Mr. Ian, Mrs. Bough, Ms. Gladney, Mr. Josh and...

YOU, if you choose to.

This testing cycle, CHOOSE to believe in yourself.

And choose to believe in your classmates, too.

Let's celebrate another testing cycle completed, in the bag, on the BOOKS!


Keep reaching for awesome.

Mrs. Streacker


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