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In the leap from the lion's head | Plainfield MA

Posted: November 20, 2019

I suspect everyone remembers the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indiana Jones makes that leap of faith onto the invisible bridge.

If you don't, here it is:

Harrison Ford reads from his father's book "Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth."

A leap of faith. And courage. The choice of the lion's head is no coincidence.  Lions represent courage, self-confidence, strength, assertiveness. Yea, all those things we want our kids to be, right?

I have had to take quite a few leaps of faith and courage in these last 10 years. One of them had to do with facing my own personal fear about sparring during my second attempt at testing for my fifth degree black belt.

You see, in a truly profound way, every activity we do in our TKD classes reflects whether we live in flow or struggle in the rest of our lives. 

For me, the sparring was a situation where I stopped being in the present (I experienced so much fear that I was future-focused, not present in the moment), couldn't be aware, much less without judgment (BOATLOADS of judgment going on during sparring--why am I doing this, what am I doing, I can't do this), experienced uncomfortable feelings of terror that I would hurt someone else, (mind you, not that I would get hurt...I was more concerned with my unbridled power and lack of self-control and that made me freeze up), AND I was unable to regulate my emotions of fear and fury when I sparred anyone who was taller than me (literally, fury, I wanted to kill them or die, and that terrified me all the more).

So, this week, reflecting on the courage pillar of our honesty lifeskill, it took me back to that time in my life in 2015 when I walked through that fear so I could retest for my fifth degree and actually pass. (Woo hoo!)

Yielding to the transformation and growth in this area opened me to so much more in my life, thank God.

Now don't think that I was always a happy participant in this. More often than not, I thought like this angry bird, with so much colorful language in my head that sneaked out of my mouth.

What part of your martial arts training, your relationships, your work, your life do you need to step up, be honest and show courage? 

If you'd like share and open a conversation about this area of growth, email me with your comments at

The thing I love the most about working with people is seeing them blow their lids off of their self-imposed limitations.