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Chronic stress and our brains.

Posted: November 06, 2020

We have nine weeks to the end of 2020.  

Yes.  That's right. Nine weeks. 

Which means that we have spent approximately 36 weeks out of this year in a stressed out, fearful place.

For some of us, this year has been one of the worst years in a long time.  The CoVid quarantines, the election year, the racial tensions, the kids around all the time, the fear of even stepping outside our homes either brought your family closer together, or broke things down. A client of mine told me that her divorce case load has been over the top in the last three months. 

Here's the thing: when people are afraid, they USUALLY hunker down and draw inward.  Which can mean a whole host of not-fun things.

At Full Life, we are seeing the following patterns this year.

1. Shoulders-to-the-ears type of stress, and shallow breathing.

2. Micro-agressions and even overt anger/abuse.  

3. Hopelessness, fear and despair rule.


Pretty terrible results, if we stay stuck in fear for an extended time.


Take a look.




















Are you curious about what you can do to change this less-than-optimal function?

It is a very specific combination of movement, mindfulness, breath and play.

Check out the next blog about the characteristics of a dynamic brain that is ready to learn and open to input.

Because a stressed brain doesn't learn well, and stays stuck, no matter what we do. In fact, force of will makes things worse.

So if you are ready for a free thinking skills assessment and a game plan to change this chronic pattern, call 815-258-5559 to set it up.