If you are getting this email, you probably have a child.
At some point, you might have gazed on this miniature version of yourself and thought, “how gorgeous!”, quickly followed by “OMG, what have I done!” Hence the interest in martial arts.
Parenting is perhaps one of the most frustrating, and rewarding, endeavors any human may endure. When my four sons were young, their warm hugs and sloppy kisses reminded me this crazy parent thing was worth it. In their teens, it was their surprise punching and kicking attacks as I rounded the hallway corner. These days, as they grow into manhood, words like “thanks for guiding us four crazy kids in becoming such smart individuals” from 23 year old Son #1 are all that I need to know that I did my best and it is at least recognized.
Whether you have been training in martial arts with us for some time, or you are simply testing the waters, get ready.  You have stumbled on a community of people who are interested in helping each other to grow and learn through experience, tears and laughter. In the next few weeks, you will explore the whys and hows of the martial arts, self defense and leadership.  The REAL purpose behind what we do here at

Full Life Martial Arts


Well, then, carry on…
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