Knowledge of the Mind

Honesty of the Heart

Strength in the Body

I Make Good Friends

and One Day, I will Be




Each Day I will Live

By Honoring my Parents and Instructors

Practicing to the Best of my Ability

and having Courtesy & Respect

for everyone I meet




   Trim all toenails and fingernails to ensure safety.

   Please wear a clean uniform on a clean body as a courtesy to other students.

   Put your name on every piece of your equipment and on your equipment bag.

   Bring your required safety equipment to every class.

   Bowing is a sign of respect.  Please bow as you walk in to or out of the school if there is someone at the front counter, as well as each time you enter or exit the practice area as a show of your respect for your instructor and fellow students.

   Address your instructors and all black belts as Sir or Ma'am... answer all questions with "Yes, Sir", "Yes, Ma'am, "No, Sir", "No, Ma'am" with respect.

   Memorize  the Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo or the ATA Tiger Oath.

   Pay close attention in class as directed by your instructor in concert with the Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo.

   Come to class regularly so you can stay on track for your next testing exam.



   Do not run, play or talk loudly in the dojahng (workout floor).

   Do not display undisciplined or inconsiderate body language in class.  Instead, you are developing your personal discipline and a high level of personal spirit in order to bring out the best in yourself and others.

  Do not wear any jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings, lip studs, bracelets).  Weddings bands are OK.

   Do not chew gum in class.

   Do not spar without instructor supervision; do not spar without wearing all safety gear.

   Do not place your belt that you've spent so much energy earning on the floor or ground.  Your belt represents the respect you've earned.

   Outside the dojahng, all students are examples of excellence and leadership.  When you join this school, you agree to refrain from underage drinking, underage smoking and taking illegal drugs.  Remember, we are developing our bodies, our minds and our spirit to exhibit a high level of self control, integrity, and discipline.


   If you are late for a class, get your card, and wait off the mats with your right hand supported until the floor instructor gives you permission to enter class.

   In order to maximize class time, please limit your bathroom and water breaks to transition times: i.e. before class starts, the putting on or removal of sparring gear, or after class ends.

   Students must raise their right hand supported and get permission to leave class for any reason.

   Do not leave the school if your parent or guardian is late picking you up without prior permission and clear written communication with Mrs. Streacker and/or the front counter staff. Parents, a permission slip is required if you your child is allowed to leave the school for lunch or dinner.

   Saturday is casual day.  This means that sweatpants, martial arts t-shirts, and rank belt are acceptable training apparel. Students can certainly wear their full uniform.

   If the instructor says "take a knee", this is a listening position.  Please take a knee, be quiet, and be prepared to receive further instruction.

   If you have a question of any instructor, please stand at least three feet from the instructor, raise your right hand supported and wait to be acknowledged.