We love our children!

So much so that we want what is best for them, we sacrifice our time, our bodies, our hearts for them.  But what is great parenting when the child is aggravating us to no end? Each of my four sons had their moments, but my second son took the cake.  We knew he had been somewhere in the house when we would find things destroyed or things he had hidden.  He was the one at the age of 2 1/2 who almost burned down our bathroom.  Literally, no exaggerating.  He hid behind the piano when he realized he was in trouble.  He also wrote his name on that piano. With a rock. Yea. This son of mine used to make a habit of climbing on the roof of our house and jumping.  Now, we lived in a single story house, but, MAN! I used to strongly urge him to choose an occupation that either involved demolition, or the military. 

Fast forward to today.  He, thankfully, is not an outlaw, nor is he dead from having blown himself up with a home made experiment gone wrong. Thank God, the young man is serving our country in the U.S. Army. And, yes, he still builds bombs and jumps out of high places (these days it is out of airplanes). 

The truth is that his most annoying traits are now his greatest strengths.  And it was by sheer teeth-gritting, hair-pulling willpower (despair?) that my husband and I kept pointing him in a direction that might actually serve him well in life.

That's why when I saw this video, I thought of Son #2. I hope my experiences give you some hope and assurance in your great parenting with the children in your home! Enjoy!

Your child's most annoying traits may just reveal their greatest strengths

To strength, love and clarity about raising our kids,

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